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Talisman From The War

New Needs

When the surrounding reality becomes uncertain, you want to believe that everything will be fine. When the war came to the land of Ukraine, ancient Slavic talismans gained new popularity.

Old Way

Motanka dolls have long protected the ancestors of modern Ukrainians. Now they have a job again – to protect the homes of peaceful Ukrainians who have become targets for the russian army and to save the lives of Ukrainian soldiers who defend their land and their freedom. By purchasing the motanka doll “Bereginia” made by the famous master Lyudmila Zarichniuk, you will do two important things at once. Firstly, you will receive the protection of your home using millennia-old technologies (who knows, maybe it really works) and, secondly, thanks to your contribution, one of the Ukrainians will receive a modern way of protecting life – a first-aid kit.

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