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Flowers of war

New Colors

We are used to seeing Ukraine bright and flourishing. Endless fields, forests, cities and villages drowning in flowers… However, in 2022, other colors prevail in Ukraine. Mostly gray and black – burnt fields, destroyed houses.

New Art

3D paintings by the well-known Ukrainian artist Mykola Grechka return us a peaceful palette. The flowers emerging from his paintings bring hope that the lush colors of a peaceful life will soon return to Ukraine. The “Flowers of War” collection was first exhibited in the city of Sloviansk, which was half-destroyed by the russians. It is like an exhibition waiting for its visitors to return. Whoever buys one of the paintings in the collection will help save Ukrainian flowers from a terrible war, and his or her contribution will help save someone who still lives in cities that are constantly bombarded by the russian army. In the cities, where after the victory of Ukraine, real flowers will bloom again.

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